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Cosima has a gift. I've known her for 20 years, and knew she was highly intuitive, but until she gave me a reading, I had no idea of the depth of her talent. The reading mirrored exactly where I am, and took me further. It deepened my experience and gave me hope. Cosima's ability to tap in was incredible. I'll definitely be back for another chunk of guidance in a few months. ~Rachael

Had the pleasure of a reading by Cosima. Her warmth and loving presence radiates through the screen. The reading really resonated with me and affirmed that I am on the right spiritual path, letting me know that my desired manifestations are on their way. I recommend Cosima to anyone as just getting a reading done with her is in itself soothing and healing to the soul

~ Aggie

My session with Cosima felt like I was talking to my very best friend, an old and wise soul that just hugged me with her wisdom and her words. Her reading was right on point and it served to just give me the strength and courage to follow the path I already had a glimpse of in my heart… I cannot thank you enough Cosima….

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