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Spritual Guidance

Spiritual Counseling/Tarot Reading

$100 for an hour

Get back to your balanced self. By getting in touch with where you are on your spiritual journey you can then make conscious decisions on what is next. When you align your mind and soul you naturally obtain greater success in all aspects of your life. We discuss deeper layers to help you understand exactly where you are and where you want to go next on this path. In doing this you can feel more focused on next steps that can open doors for greater happiness, peace, and joy in your life. These readings often included Tarot as a tool to get in touch with the current energies around what you are looking for answers to.  

Astrology Reading

$100 for an hour

These sessions delve into aspects of your personality and look at the strengths that you innately came into this life to to express and share with the world. This reading can help you align with your true North purpose and understand why you have experienced certain things in your life as well. Like a finger print, we each came into the world with gifts to share and life lessons to travel. This reading can help illuminate this for you and provide insight on best steps to take to feel more balanced and aligned with those gifts and learned lessons.

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