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Welcome to Soulful Pathways

Deepen your connection to the Divine

I am a Spiritual Counselor in Santa Barbara. 

Many times, we want to deepen our understanding and connection with our personal Spiritual Path in this lifetime so as achieve greater peace, joy, and happiness in all aspects of our lives. I would love work with you on that personal journey.

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My Journey

I am a trained Marriage Family Therapist with a Masters in Counseling Depth Psychology. I have an emphasis in Spiritual Counseling.

I have more than 20 year working in Education locally helping people find inspiration and giving guidance on their life journey.  

I write inspirational poetry and have those linked on my page as well.

I am a Breast Cancer survivor and also dealt with an autoimmune disease I actively am healing. This has led me down a deep and transformative path towards healing myself with the light and love of the Christ within. Through it all I used each challenge as a stepping stone towards more integration of the body, mind, and spirit. We all have our own unique spiritual path and an ability to heal our wounds and work with our life lessons. And I look forward to helping you deepen your connection on your spiritual path and to keep taking the necessary actions to shift your life and create more joy, love, health, and happiness!

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Cosima has a gift. I've known her for 20 years, and knew she was highly intuitive, but until she gave me a reading, I had no idea of the depth of her talent. The reading mirrored exactly where I am, and took me further. It deepened my experience and gave me hope. Cosima's ability to tap in was incredible. I'll definitely be back for another chunk of guidance in a few months. ~Rachael


The rising of the sun against the backdrop of my past. I wake today with energy beyond the dust I caste. Like the shedding of a snakes skin I leave it all behind, renewed with vitality and more spiritually sound. I vibrantly awaken deeper levels of the Divine as I surrender in respect for the lessons of its kind.

Cosima Rose

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